Goodbye Term 2, Hello Holidays!

Urgh! Thank goodness that Term is over. I was just about at my limit, let me tell you. The kids were acting up, the dog was acting up, the cat was acting up – even I was acting up! lol – we were all pretty tired and in need of a rest.

Which is why we have decided to drive 800kms to the snowfields for a mini break 😉 That makes sense, doesn’t it? LOL – the girls in my next Saturday class may have to teach themselves – I might be a wee bit out of it when we get back on Friday!

So, as I posted a few days ago I have finally finished all my stuff for the Masters. Saved to CD and posted. Phew! What a relief and a huge weight off my shoulders. I get these ideas and then kick myself because it took soooooooooooooooooooo long to finish them. Idiot. I love to make things harder for myself, don’t I?

In between doing the Masters stuff I have searched Newcastle for costumes for the school play and kitted everyone out for the snow by visiting EVERY SINGLE op shop from here to the Central Coast. Not recommended with kids in tow, let me say that now.

“Mum…..(whine)  Can I get this toy?”

Me (getting a wee bit edgy): “No! For Pete’s sake, don’t you have enough of that stuff at home? Why on earth do you need a broken plastic Hotwheels car anyway? Don’t you realise it’s just going to get trodden on in about a NANOSECOND of being in the front door, then kicked under the couch where I will, no doubt, rediscover it a year from now in a fit of vacuuming frenzy? Why, oh why must you have it?”

Kid: (whine looking crushed) “Because…. I just like it…”

Me: ((Sigh………)) Oh allright, just go and ask the old lady how much it is. And try and walk with a limp! And say your father is away at sea! And take Hannah with you – maybe if she’s cute enough she might get it for free….”

Husband looks at me sideways with accusing glint in his eye…

Me (looking wounded): “What? Don’t look at me like that! Anyway, you can’t say anything, you’re at sea, remember?”


I shudder to think what kind of skills I am passing on to my kids.

Speaking of other skills, I have recently updated the Upsy Daisy Blog THE DAISY DIAIRES with a new LO using their wonderful CUPCAKE range of papers and rub ons. Our task was to create a few LO’s with a summery theme to theme, which was a bit of a challenge during winter, I have to say. But, thanks to Global Warming, we are having a mild winter and I was able to make the kids go outside and play for a while 😉

In the meantime, I have also had a play with some photos I took on the same day as the Upsy Daisy ones – here is a pic of James that I absolutely LOVE:

And here is one of Ryan that I also love – and, by the way, did you know that steel wool from under the kitchen sink is a great substitute for fibre on a boy’s LO?

Just staple it on – the staples won’t even be seen within the steel wool anyway.

The next LO was my version of the awesome sketch Kim provided is with for the July sketch comp at KSK – there’s so much you can do with a great sketch!!

What’s funny is that Yvette and I produced a LO with the same title in the same week – maybe we are running out of titles! lol

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Until the weekend – I’ll be thinking of you all while I am hip deep in an icy creek, pulling one of my kids out by the ankle after a freak tobogganing accident.

Wish me luck!

Sares x


6 Responses

  1. those are gorgeous pages.

    You have been tagged

    KR. xx

  2. Amazing LO – I never know where to start with mine. Who is the quote by about laughing as much as you breathe and loving as long as you live?

  3. OMG you are a crack up woman!!! Don’t forget to fill every available pocket in your super trendy parka with muesli bars, ok? They are apparently very handy in case you have some sort of collision with a big burly bloke on the ski fields 😉

  4. So love all of these pages Sares.

  5. As I am writing this I am trying to still the fits of laughter running through me after reading your post. Seriously you should be a writer, you have a real way of putting words to paper.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, it means a whole lot to me coming from you, as you know I admire your work a great deal. As for your layouts, STUNNING, again!!
    P.s. Hope you are having an awesome time away! 🙂

  6. Hehehe…what a laugh…and a great, funny mum too…;)

    You have a way with words – that’s for sure!

    Hope your holiday was a good one!


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