New Spot for Tips!!

Well, I always wanted a bigger audience for my Techniques, so I applied to Julie over at Inspirational Blogs and asked her if I could be considered for a spot on her team. She said yes – WOOT!

So now I get to add a funky new blinkie to my widget and be a part of a team that shows off a whole bunch of cool tips and techniques each week with a bunch of talented designers.

So, if you get a chance and need something to inspire you, head on over to Inspirational Blog or Inspirational Blog Tips and Techniques – you won’t be disappointed!

I’ll also leave you with a pic of my LO published in Scrapbook Creations this month – called “Pasta Disaster” featuring her noodleness, Hannah Banana trying to twirl pasta and failing dismally!

5 Responses

  1. Oh congratulations Sares, that is wonderful news and you are such a terrific teacher, you will be an asset to their team. LOL at the pasta layout, priceless!

  2. WOW! Good on you! Those blogs truly are inspirational – I’ve never seen them before but they are SO good!

  3. Oh congrats! Just shows – it doesn’t hurt to ask does it!

    Love the LO – I’ll have to take another look at the mag.


  4. Hi Sarah,

    Congrats on the spot at Inspirational Blog…perfect site name for your work., Luv your little guy with the pasta LOL!! and ‘China Girl ” is simply stunning!!

  5. Congratulations, and browsing through your blog you deserve it… fantastic work you do

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