Heads Down Bottom Up

The title best describes me at the momemt – getting ready to send in some applications for various companies and also fulfilling some contract work for the mags PLUS fiddling with my stuff for the Masters. Phew!

I am all scrapped out. Well, not really – God almighty! Wash my mouth out with soap!

We are at the beginning of a very big week for us – we are taking James to school tomorrow for his first interview with the Principal for enrollment. I can’t believe he is getting ready to go to school – I mean, kids going to school are so tiny and he is certainly smaller than most!

On the flip side I have Luke growing older (and taller) by the minute and asking me if he can have tickets to the Footy and a Mobile Phone. What the? I actually found myself saying, “Just because other kids have them, doesn’t mean……” OMG I am turning into my mother.

Ryan has spent the entire weekend going to birthday parties – that kid has filled up the entire top shelf of the pantry with lolly bags. He is so good, though. For most kids, the temptation of those lolly bags would be incredible (Luke would have polished them all off and then left the empty bags up there in the hope I would be fooled). But Ryan just comes to me each time and asks permission for a lolly. He also wants to “look after” James tomorrow and make sure he is “careful” with the bullies on the bus. My beautiful, sensitive, darling boy.

Here’s a couple of LO’s for you to have a peek at from last week. I went a bit nuts with the Bollywood Braids and Trims stuff on this LO of HB.

I haven’t even been able to photograph the stuff that I have completed this week – for two reasons. One: the RAIN – just plain old ordinary photos. Two: plain old laziness. I got the camera out for the first time this week yesterday, thanks to the flu. I just HAD to take some photos of Mel’s bub in yesterday’s class – she is just soooo cute!

I had a great time playing with the images in Photoshop. Woot!

Then there’s Nene’s little boy who is so gorgeous and has the most wonderful nature.

And then of course, there’s James, who raced around like Mercury saying, “You can’t get me!” while I tried to take a photo of him. So all I got was this…..


Actually, truth be told I quite like it – I’ve already printed it out ready for scrapping, lol!

Take care all and have a great week – I’m off to start dinner and get baths started.

Sares xx

6 Responses

  1. *sigh* I love coming here … I feel so inspired each time I visit.

    Love what you do – when you do what you do

    Hope the ‘interview’ goes well .



  2. Love the layouts and those photos are fabulous! Love the little bubby girl – what a cuite!


  3. Awesome pages Sares.Just love them and the pics too.

  4. That China Girl layout is just stunning!! love your stuff as always 🙂

  5. OMG Sares I am so in love with the ‘China girl’ layout, it is absolutely S T U N N I N G. Good luck hun with the Masters this year, althoug you won’t be needing it as you have got it in the bag this year for sure. Trying out for the first time myself this but struggling with it.
    Speak soon

  6. Hi Sares! Good luck with Masters this year!! How good is Ryan with the lolly bags?? I wouldn’t even have that much self control… LOL.

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