The Industrial Look

I tried to think of some witty title to use this week but my brain just isn’t working that way, I’m afraid!

This week I would like to chat to you about METAL. Not the real stuff – the fake stuff.

We’ve been using metal charms and embies in our scrapping for ages, but there is a way to achieve a metallic look on a larger scale by using paint and found objects that, combined, creates a perfect background for boy, teen and male pages in general.

This week I have created a very big tip called “Creating Metallic Elements” – check it out HERE.

I have also added another of my growing Tips and Techniques pages on Photo Enhancing – check out my latest tip called “Which Software?” HERE.
I am also in the process of creating some funky metal Digi papers for you to use – to go along with my metal theme. Speaking of Digi, my papers over at Scraplounge are nearly at the end of the voting week and so please don’t forget to vote for me!! See the last post for help and directions….

In the meantime, if you are a local, stay out of this rain! And if not, stay out of that rain anyway!

Take care all,

Sares x


2 Responses

  1. Looks fab Sares!

    I’m not a digi scrapper – but I can’t wait to see the papers you’ve come up with!

    Enjoy your day.


    PS: No rain here – but we’d be happy to have it if you sent it this way…;)

  2. Oohh no – can’t edit my post to say “send” not sent! pmsl…eeek! 😉

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