Siberia is looking…

….fairly attractive at the moment. I figure it’s the one place that has a bit of peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I’M not going there. The hubby and kids are. And maybe the dog. They can all pop up there for a wee holiday and maybe get permanent employment on a dogsled team or something. Mush. Or begin a professional Igloo Building Service or something – hey, they’ve had enough practice, with all the lego they own.

If you’re wondering why I wish for my children to move to the outer edges of the back of beyond it’s because I’ve had a teeny bit much of their company this week. Spent last week doing the Rumpus and this week catching up on all the mess we made while DOING the rumpus.

Just breathe, Sarah. Innnnnnnnnnn……and….ooooouuuuttttttttt……….sniff………..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

I guess I should look for the positives in this story:

1. I got to go to Ikea and spend some money, even if it was on the kids.

2. We’ve got rid of enough stuff to provide every Ugandan refugee in Australia with a toy.

3. We found out what the “smell” was.

4. There’s less stuff to pick up at the end of the day.

5. We discovered a magical new remedy for removing play doh and bubble gum out of carpet and hair. At the same time.

6. Hannah now has a designated “girl” area so that she can try and not dress up as Spiderman crossed with Barbie – no wonder the kids was confused. According to Hannah, Barbie has a tool set and a Matchbox car set that spins around the track to deliver her another pair of shoes.

The quantum physics that make up my home change daily, but there are several things I can always say with complete confidence. Hannah will ignore you until somebody swears and then she’ll repeat it (loudly) at the supermarket. James will find new levels of pitch in his tantrums when his toys are “touched”. Ryan will forever try and disappear into the wordwork, working hard to become invisible when I ask for the rumpus room to be tidied. And Luke will ask 2.4 questions per second throughout the day in en effort to dive my already sizzled brain into the GROUND.


On those days I am very grateful for my computer (contact with other sufferer of childhood indifference). And my studio. My God! What would I do without my studio! Those scrapped pages are often a lifeline when I feel like selling the kids on eBay. They’re like paper crack or something equally addictive.

Speaking of which – scrapped pages!

This week I have gone a bit bright. Well, a lot bright, actually. I’m really liking it too – the colours are just the right touch of energy on the kid’s pages. Here’s some from the latest batch:


That last one called “Lily” is for my Cessnock girls – that’s the one we are doing for next class, chooks, ok?

Lotsa luv to you all for the coming week,

Sares xx

2 Responses

  1. AWWWW Sarah~you were describing my children…and I have reservations for all the tickets to Siberia! LOL

    Loving the new Bright look of the current projects….awesome!

  2. Loving the Lily layout especially (though they’re all gorgeous as usual!!)…

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