Back to Normal….

….well, sort of…

As I write this, the kids have just finished having a bath upstairs and they are all running around naked pretending to be tigers and roaring at each other….well it is the suicide hour, isn’t it? It must be, because I have a very full glass of wine in front of me and I’ll be going back for a refill very shortly. 😉

So what’s new?

After the success of the RAK season last week, it has been fairly quiet this week. Not that I have got mush scrapping done, mind you. Monday I spent the day trying to catch on all the washing/shopping/ironing/cleaning/vacuuming/sorting/dusting/etc etc etc etbloodycetera. The I had to go pick the kids up from school early because Luke had a headache. Did he feel like going to swimming practice, though? YOU BETCHA! (Sigh)

Luke (who henceforth shall be known as “Gappy”) has lost so many teeth that the poor kid has one large front tooth left and gaps far and wide on all sides. Another one went this morning and I’m pretty sure another one will go tomorrow, too. The poor tooth fairy must be getting RSI of the Pillow Elbow.

Hannah has just come down wearing her brother’s Spiderman PJ’s – argh! SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A GIRL I DON’T CARE HOW CUTE SHE LOOKS DAD! 


Where was I? OH yeah! I was supposed to be talking about scrapping, hey?

Well, here are some LO’s for you to have a sticky at:


This is a LO using the new Heidi Swapp Ghost clear Butterflies – gorgeous things! They are made from wuite a thick acetate and can be inked, sanded, painted – or in this case I have traced them onto spare cardstock, spritzed them with Glimmer Mist and cut out and inked them.

A Mother’s Day card for my MIL…

And, last – I decided (in a fit of creativity) that I would make a special cusion for my little neice who I saw last Sunday. I tried to make it girly, without being too OTT, if you know what I mean.

The lace hanky on the top is from my grandmother, which I felt kept it “in the family” and provided a bit of a historical note.

That’s all from me for now chookies – I hope you all have a great week!

Sares xx





4 Responses

  1. oh Sares that pillow is CUTE! as are the LO and card!!

  2. Hey Sares,
    Those LO’s are as gorgeous as ever I luv the HS Butterflies tooo, luv the little pillow, and I know where your comin from with the little girl in the Boy PJ’s , my girl is now 4 and has only just decided that she will wear a dress and wants hair ties, ribbons and all that girly stuff goin on, but before it was boy stuff all the way, LOL!! I guess that happens with 2 older brothers!!

  3. Sares… that cushion is adorable!!! and LO.. ooooh wow.. just love it…
    LOL about your little girl in boys pj’s!!!! There so cute at that age!!

  4. She does look adorable – kids sure are funny sometimes! Very stubborn too at times. Great LO – who is the quote by? Joseph Smith said that Happiness is the object and design of our existance. In the scriptures it says men [and women]are that they might have joy. I think sometimes we can forget that along the way with all the daily stresses. We need to look at the glass being half full more often – I know I do! Have a great week.

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