Here we go again!

I will not forget my Digi fans (all two of you…LOL 😉 ) – so here are some Digi Freebies for you to have a play with:




and here are some images to have a play with in the same “Parisian” theme:


Love to all,

Sares x

4 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I must be the only night owl…lol…no I’m just setting up a new I’m up late!
    Your designs are stunning as always!!

  2. Your Digi kits are fabulous….some day I may have to give this a try!!!!

  3. Hi Sares
    You are really very generous.. I love that digi heart..I am so eager to get into digi scrappin but don’t know where to start. I sort have ideas in my head, but have to get them out.
    The Vintage RAK looks bootiful!!!
    Thanks for the digis!

  4. these digi kits are fabulous
    France is my absolute FAVOURITE country

    Au revoir!


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