Just a quickie…

…to let you know that I have posted my newest Tip for this week in the right hand column – this week I am getting you to source some office supplies and have a play with some Bulldog Clips – take a look at this for the final result:

 Clip tip4 by Sarah Gladman

 Took about 5 minutes and it would be great to have a whole series of them – yes?

Have fun and have a great weekend, everyone.

Sares xx


2 Responses

  1. Hi Sares

    Well i reckon i could get my hands on some bulldog clips no problems.
    I couldn’t remember your email address and thought that i would just contact you this way. My friend Amy is starting this week and there is a little confusion as to what page we are doing. Donna thinks it is “Pout” and Kim thinks it is “Sunshine”. Could you let me know which one it is please love. Also are we doing it at your place or at the office?? If it is at your place what is the address? Thanks heaps xxxx

  2. Great idea I have some jumbo ones lying around, I’ll definately be trying this thanks.

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