Easter Eggs Over Easy…

I have discovered a need for at least one chocolate easter egg per day – maybe I can build it into my calorie intake – a bit like: Breakfast – cereal, Lunch – sandwich, Dinner – roast. All other snacks – chocolate.

I reckon I’d end up like a Monster truck rally reject. All lumps and bumps and no parts actually working.

So, how was you’re Easter? We had a very quiet one. I got sick again. Yep – that’s the third bout of gastro since Christmas. Bloody awesome. At least it has been good for the waistline – I have dropped 6 kilos since December. Wit woo.

On a more positive note, the book deal is shaping up nicely. I have got about one third of the way through the writing of it and I am having a lot of fun with the planning stages. I am setting up a photo shoot of all the Tips over a one week period so that each photo can be set up nicely. I also have to hire a hand model or something because my fingernails look like they’ve been knawed by a starving rat.

So I ordered some bits and pieces from Sue and Craig at Scraploot. They are always super fast at putting your orders together and super professional as well. Thanks Sue and Craig – I got my goodies today and they rock!

I am going to go and have some fun with the new Basic Grey “Archaic” range – soooo cute for your little man! Little Dinos on the papers, with co-ordinating patterns and plains, as well as a cute sheet of die cut stickers. Fun!

I am also going to the Shop and Crop Retreat this weekend at Salamander Bay (Nelson’s Bay) which is just down the road and perfect for a weekend trip. I am looking forward to some kid free time plus some adult conversation PLUS some time to scrap that isn’t to a schedule. Lovely.

So this will be my last post for a few days – I will be busy soaking up the atmosphere HERE:

I am Here

And so here are a few LO’s for you to have a squiz at while I’m gone – there are a fair few more to take pics of but I have run out of daylight!

Laugh copy     Boys at PLay by Sarah Gladman     extraordinary.jpg

And here are some pics I took of HB yesterday while we were out in the backyard playing – I doctored it in PS to make it look like a vintage “Pears” advertisement – gosh, she’s gorgeous!


And for those of you in Digi moods this week, I have put together a freebie Digi Easter Template for you to have a play with:

Larger Easter digi template

Just click on the image for a larger picture to pop up and your can “Save Image As…” onto your own hard drive. It’s a bit smaller than a normal .pdf file but it should be pretty clear.

That’s it from me chooks – until early next week!

Sares xx

2 Responses

  1. Wow fab lo’s and that weekend away sounds lovely. How did you get that gorgeous photo to vintage (I don’t photoshop very well but DH does 😉 ! )

  2. more gorgeous LOs Sares!!! have fun at the retreat wont you! OH and I have to agree Sue and Craig have a super fast order turn around dont they! 😉

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