A New Beginning….

As it is Easter I thought it was time to regard this time for me as a new beginning. New attitude towards life in general, new timetable – the works. I have been able to spend a bit of time this week on getting things back “on track” around the house and attacking the neverending ironing pile (it was threatening to fall over and bury Hannah and we wouldn’t have found her for a week lol).

I have gone through the first stages of publishing and I am now writing the main part of the book and designing it’s “look” and it’s main aim. It’s a steep learning curve, let me tell you! So much to get my head around – but if everything goes according to plan you will see this book on the shelves by Christmas – keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime I have applied to a number of manufacturers for some help with supplies and we’ll see what they say when I ask then to “Gimme some product”. I am getting used to being laughed at! 😉

Scrapping wise I have been doing a few LO’s just for me this week and it has felt quite odd, let me tell you. No longer is there a list to turn to telling me what to create and when. Just what I feel like, when I feel like it. Bliss!

On the down side I have been pretty ill this past week – I am going to have to go to the doc and ask for a complete overhaul – flush out the pipes, change the oil and tweak the sparkies I reckon. Still, it would be nice to feel like I am in the land of the living, not wandering around like a space cadet half the time. Or maybe that’s just me being normal these days, lol.

My Tip for this week involves Sculpey and Air Drying Clay  – you can buy Sculpey at Spotlight and other art and craft stores like Eckersleys. It is a plastic polymer based compound that you cook in the oven to make it go firm and then you can paint it or ink it.

Here’s a peek at what is in the Tip:

Sculpey tip

Check it out in the right hand column of Tips!!!

That’s it from me for now – we are having a quiet Easter weekend and I will be able to add another post (and another Tip!) by Monday. The “boys” are heading into the backyard for a camping trip and the girls are staying inside to catch up on some cuddles and maybe some nail painting.

Here’s a couple of quick pics I took this morning of HB and James:

img_7877editsmaller.jpg     img_7859editsmall.jpg

Aren’t they beautiful? They have the most gorgeous skin – perfectly smooth and soft and freckle-free. God knows where that comes from ‘coz it ain’t me!

Take care on the roads and keep safe,

Sares x


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