Some Freebies for you!

I’ve got over the school Funday. I am exhausted, dusty, spent…I have a huge fake mole on my cheek (the cheek on my FACE that is), I painted over 100 faces yesterday, if I see another little boy asking to be a Spiderman then I may have to kill someone…..

Many thanks to my good friends Jan, Mel and Sherie and her daughter Lianna who helped out on the day by minding my craft stall – I had some ready made OTP’s and some scrapbook Kits up for sale, along with some other bits and pieces and the girls did a great job minding the stall for me while I was face painting. Thanks so much girls, I really appreciate it!

I didn’t sell a whole lot so I am going to offer some stuff up on my Blog as prizes as well as purchases – so keep your eyes peeled!!

To celebrate my newfound independence and also rejoice in the fact that I have finally got my book under way, I am offering up one of my OTP’s freshly created for the weekend…..

All you have to do to participate in this little challenge of mine:

Once a month I will be issuing a Challenge to you all – to Create a LO using AT LEAST TWO of my Tips and Techniques from the sidebar…

This week I am asking you to create a LO using any two Tips from my site as part of your LO. The send me a comment with a link to either a hosted image or to an image in a gallery, or to your own Blog.

I will check out your wonderful images and then choose which one I believe has used the two TIPS in their most appropriate fashion PLUS who is the most innovative and imaginative use of the techniques.

You will have TWO WEEKS to complete the LO – I don’t want any rush jobs and it may take a while for you to find the time to squeeze it in. Plus, it’s about FUN, not deadlines.

So, this starts today and ends on MONDAY 31ST OF MARCH~~8PM!

In the meantime, for those of you out there who are crazy keen Digi scrappers, here is another Digi paper collection from me – this time it’s a Teen Pack – there is not enough boy stuff out there!


Heavy Metal Digi paper1 by Sarah Gladman

Heavy Metal Digi paper 2 by Sarah Gladman

Heavy Metal Digi paper3 by Sarah Gladman

Heavy Metal Digi paper 4 by Sarah Gladman

Have fun and enjoy!

Sares xx

One Response

  1. Thanks heaps, 3 of those papers will go well with some of my pics. 🙂
    PS: I love looking at your work, it is really cool 🙂

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