Anyone for Face Painting?

Next Sunday I am going to be head down and bum up doing Face Painting for my kid’s school Family Fun Day. Eeeek! I always know how to make things harder for myself, so I also chose to run a craft stall (with the help of the other mums) but I have decided to devote a whole section of the stall to my own stuff!

At this stage I have completed about 8 OTP’s, plus I have put together a heap of paper packs, plus I will have about 30 pre-made scrap LO’s that are there for people to buy and then just whack their own photo on. I’m pretty sure they will sell because the other mums have been eyeing them off like piranha’s – lol!

It’s been a hectic week and DH has been as sick as a dog with gastro, not pleasant I must say. There have been a few highlights though – Ryan got the Principal’s Award for Acheivement in his class – he is still walking on air and I am so proud of my little man. HB started her second day of kindy and she is loving every minute of it. Ryan and James have been invited to three different birthday parties this weekend, so it’s been a busy one!

On the flipside we have have had some minor stresses with our eldest, Luke. I always knew that it would be my kids that would make friends with the most undesirable kid in his class. Guess what? He has. Argh. I know we should be Christian and be kind to everyone but there are some kids out there that just rub your fur the wrong way, no matter how Christian you are feeling. So now that Luke is hanging out with him, he is getting ostracized by the rest of the class. Choice. The kid is crushed and I have to scrape him back off the floor and get him psyched up to face another day at school. My heart bleeds, kwim? It is soooooooooo hard to sit back and watch your child get treated badly.

On another topic, here are some Lo’s as a share before I fang off to finish off some more pre-prepared LO’s. If anyone is in the Maitland area on Sunday the 16th of March pop out to St. Patrick’s Primary School in Lochinvar from 10am. Rides, Games, Showbags, Stalls, more Rides, heaps of food, PRIZES galore – you name it, we’ve got it! I will ba manning the Face Painting stall if you want to say gudday, and my DH, David, will be manning the stall with my work on it.  Tell all your friends!

Angel asleep     First Day

Both of these Lo’s happened within one night but they a very different look – any bets as to which LO came first? lol

But this is my fave LO of the week –


I just love it’s freedom and playfulness, not to mention the gorgeous pics of one HB.

That’s all from me for now, have a great weekend!

Sares xx

PS: Oh! I forgot to mention that I have popped up another Tips Page for this week – how to use Masking Fluid on your LO – I love that stuff! Just click on the link in the right hand side links bar and be prepared for some serious fun!


2 Responses

  1. WOW Sares, your fave is MY fave too! LOVE it, so detailed, so beautiful, jut the perfect amount of embellishing and a lovely whimsical design!

    Good luck with the running of the stall and facepainting too!


  2. That is an awesome page – I am very inspired – I may need to scraplift!

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