Feeling a bit Mulitcultural…

After the “Sorry Day” last week I got to thinking about how many “sorry’s” we should really be saying to some of the minority groups that have resided in Australia over time. Take those groups of immigrants who came here with good intentions in the 1950’s and then were locked up for being in a minority group. I sure am sorry those people got given such a hard time.

There are times when I look back at our Aussie history and I cringe at what we have done. But there are other times when I am very proud to be an Aussie. Like last week. My stepmother was a child of the stolen generation. I’ve seen the pain and confusion caused by her situation that still carries on today. I hope “Sorry Day” has brought her some resolution.

Enough of my politics, right? There is scrapbooking to show you! lol

I want to say a quick gudday to the girls from the Netherlands and the girls from the USA and Canada who regularly visit my Blog. Also a big hello to the girls from the UK and from South America (who knew Brazil was a country of keen scrappers?) lol.

At Embellished this week we have been kicking off a few new Challenges – our new competition “In Your Skin” is all about finding more about yourself through pictures and words. Here is my sample for the second challenge – to use your eyes as inspiration:


I was pretty happy with this LO – I was trying a new technique with the photo paper while I was printing and thought it didn’t work out like I planned, I was still happy with the result.

The next Lo is the sample I did for the February Sketch on the site  – finally got around to it! lol.


And here are a few “quickies” that I did somewhere in the middle of last week – I must have found the 25th hour in the day I reckon.

all-boy.jpg     playtime.jpg

Now I am off to surf the net on articles about hearing problems in young kids. Yep, it seems that my second son, Ryan, is having issues in his classroom because the teacher thinks his hearing might be less than perfect. I just hope she’s wrong. But even if she isn’t, we are going to have to take Ryan to a speech pathologist and potentially have him tutored. Being a teacher I thought I would be ok to do that, but the pressure of having “mum” do it seems to get Ryan all twisted in knots and he shuts down, so it’s best to have someone else give it a go. I won’t go into the details of how crap I feel at the moment as a mum and as a parent in general. Shouldn’t we have spotted this sort of thing earlier? I’ll let you know how it all goes – his first official hearing test is next Monday.

Catch you all later,

Sares xx

PS: By the way, for those of you in America, look out for my LO called “My Senses Reel” in the Feb/March edition of “Somerset Memories” magazine.

For those of you in Australia, look out for me in the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories doing a projects and several tutes on using texture in your LO’s (with a few “how to’s) as welll as some extra LO’s throughout the magazine.

You should also see me this month with a step by step (and pic by pic) project in “Scrapbooking Basics No:2” put out by Universal Publications. It is a Yearly edition and is already in the stands at the newsagencies around the country.

I also have a wee suprise for you too – look out for me in the coming editions of “Stamping and Papercraft” magazine – they have asked me to submit a few things (can’t show you yet, sorry!) and to run a project or two. Looking forward to that one – something new!


Sares (again) xx


8 Responses

  1. cute lo’s tfs love the I’m a model one ! Don’t feel quilty they don’t come with a manual and there aren’t any supermommy courses (although sometimes I wish there was ….)

  2. Hey gal…Love these two new LO’s here and I forgot to tell you your package is heading your way! 😉

  3. congratulations on all the scrapbook-related things that are happening for you. love the new LOs you’ve posted, i do find your style and inspiration. thanks!

  4. Will definitely keep an eye out for ou in Scrapbooking Memories and Stamping and Papercraft. Can’t wait to see what suprises you have in there….. Love all your latest lo’s.

  5. Thought Id pop in and say “Hi.” Love what you do Sarah. Always something to inspire me.

  6. Sarah, what planet do you come from?!?!? You ALWAYS amaze me – every single time!

  7. Sarah, your layouts are really stunning!!! I love them all, can’t quite choose my fav.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too,

  8. Hiya Sarah – goodluck with Ryan’s hearing test on Monday – hope it all goes well for him. Don’t beat yourself up about missing things sometimes – a mother’s job is endless and there’s always so much we feel we should know…. when you start second guessing yourself you make yourself feel even more down.Goodluck with it!!
    Gorgeous work with your layouts as always!!!

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