Back to Reality!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. I have just two days of a horrendously busy week and I am coming down with a cold. Not Happy Jan. Still another 4 days to go till I can collapse.

 It’s been busy this week because of the kids being back into the usual curriculum at school plus the after school stuff. There is always something on! lol – dance lessons, swimming lessons, housework, birthday parties etc etc etc etc. I’m sure I’m no different to anyone else and I’ll probably complain about having nothing to do when it all stops lol.

Well, the weekend was a nother wet one and so I got heaps of scrapping done – I’m almost done with the challenges for Embellished. We are running a fabulous comp over there at the moment called “In Your Skin” created by our talented DT member Kelly Slattery. Each week we create a LO using one body part as inspiration. Very confranting but also a very beautiful thing to do – and we have a fabulous prize up for grabs – FIRST Prize is $150 worth of supplies from the Embellished Shoppe!!!!!! Check out the site and the comp by clicking on the link in the right hand side column.

I have had one LO picked up by SM this week – which was my “Together” LO in which I used the Vintage Hanky given to me by Deb. They wanted it for their “Haberdashery” Collection.

Here are some other LO’s and bits to share:

“The Royal Bedchamber”

Royal Bedchamber

“Girl Talk”

Girl Talk

“Valentine’s Day Card”

Valentine’s day Card

…and my fave for this week, done for the Embellished Dares Challenge to use your handwriting:


Also, if you get a chance, take a look at the newest Tips for this week – using the Petaloo flower boxes as an OTP gift box. Take a look on the right hand side Tips links!

Some tips I will be generating over the next few weeks will be things like:

* How to create a weathered effect when using foam stamps.

* How to use Sculpey.

* More uses for brads, eyelets, stamps and flowers. The scrapping basics!

* Using Impasto as a background texture.

If there is anyone out there that would like help with a particular technique, then please leave me a comment or contact me and I will be only too happy to research it (if I don’t already know about it) and write out and photograph some intructions for you!

take care for now,

Sares xx


3 Responses

  1. Ahh, just one of the reasons we love you hun – always so happy to help out and share the wealth of knowledge you have 🙂 Gorgeous work and i can’t wait to see your work published this year 🙂

    maz xx

  2. Hey Sares,
    Yep life is busy for us mums, we just have to thank our lucky stars for kids bedtime LOL. loving all of your gorgeous pages. I am definitely doing a page with that sketch from your previous post.

  3. WOW Sara!!! I know that I should have come to expect it from you by now, yet, still, each time I see a new one of your layotus I am speechless!!! I so adore your style!! It is so classy and yet arty at the same time 🙂 love it!!!!
    I am also going to have a play with that sketch of yours!


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