Hello to the Netherlands!

I have noticed a few links coming in from Denmark, the Netherlands and Holland this week – dunno why, but hey! I’d like to say a big HI to the girls clicking on my site from over there….


God, I hope that means “Hello”. For all I know it could mean “stuff a lolly down your trousers” or something worse. *wink*

So are you ready for some more Tips, Techniques, Layouts, and Freebie Digi Papers? I’ve been busy this week, can you tell? lol

First – my Tips for this week – using your Glue Gun for something other than gluing.

I like the look of wax seals and I found this great tip using your hot glue gun to create a similar effect using your rubber stamps – I can written out the instructions and put together some step by step photos for you – take a look on the right hand side Tips Menu!

Then there’s the LO’s – I have done a few special ones this week using the new paper and Die Cut Cardstock from K & Co called MIRA. I seriously LOVE that stuff. The colours, the shapes – everything!

Here’s number one: “Paradise” – just click on the thumbnail for a larger pic to pop up.


The next LO is called “I’m Ready” – it’s about my son’s last day of pre school and getting ready for big school – SNIFF. He’s my pride and joy this kid – never complains, just goes with the flow. A dreamer.

I’m Ready

I bawled by eyes out for half the day after he had gone to school – why do they have to grow up so darn fast?

Next in line I have an acetate book to show you – and before you ask me where I got the acetate from, let me tell you – SAVE your PACKAGING. This book was created entirely from the left over packaging that comes with scrapping supplies like stamps and chipboard. I cut it to size, punched holes in the side and used ring binders to hold it all together.

Clear book1  book1


And now for the last item of the day – the FREE Digi paper.

Again, I have split the paper pack up so that you can download one at a time, depending on which one(s) you will used the most.


To Download the first paper in the Royal Flush Collection, click below:

Royal Flush Paper 1 by Sarah Gladman

To Download the second paper in the Royal Flush Collection, click below:

Royal Flush Paper 2 by Sarah Gladman

To Download the third paper in the Royal Flush Collection, click below:

Royal Flush Collection paper3 by Sarah Gladman

To Download the fourth paper in the Royal Flush Collection, click below:

Royal Flush Collection paper4 by Sarah Gladman

There – I hope that gives everyone a taste of what I’ve been up to this week – I love hearing from you all and please feel free to link me to anywhere (in the world! lol). I enjoy the thought that this site is helping out someone.

Take care all and see you later in the week,

Sares xx


4 Responses

  1. thanks for the welcome, I was actually pointed in your direction by a friend yesterday and I loved your blog so I have you on bloglines.
    grts, D@nielle (Hoofddorp, The Netherlands)

  2. Hello Sarah
    I was so amazed by the nice things you are making. I thought more people should know this. That’s why I announced you at my blog.
    Yes, we’re coming from Holland, this is the same country as the Netherlands. We have a little country, but we’ve got two names for it.
    And yes, you said it well. Goedendag means hello.
    I will visit your blog more offently to see what nice things you will teach us.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Groeten Hanny.

  3. oh wow, what a great tip on the album, will have to keep that one in mind Sares!!! more gorgeous LOs too! well done

  4. Hi Sarah,

    You make amazing LO’s! I’m gonna visit you a lot you bet.
    And I’ll put a link to your blog on mine cause my friends need to see this!

    And if you ever planning to get to our little country (with a whole lot of scrappers…) please, please let me know. Cause I really love to see you give a workshop in my store!!


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