My First Collection….

After stuffing around with various Photoshop Programs over the past few days, I have put together these 4 papers that I think look good together as a Collection.

I have called it my “VINTAGE SNOW” Collection – the first ever collection by Sarah Gladman – and yours FREE. That won’t always be the case, so get them while they last! lol

So, how to use them?

Click on the file links underneath the Collection banner to download each seperate paper. I thought it was better to have them seperate as you may not wish to use them all. Each file is about 600kB, approximately. The file is a .pdf file (Adobe Acrobat Reader) and you should be able to see a printer button on the top left toolbar for printing the page, or alternatively there is a Save icon next to the printer ison – click on it and it will allow you to save it to anywhere on your own computer.


Paper number 1:

Vintage Snow Collection Paper 1 by Sarah Gladman

Paper Number 2:

Vintage Snow Collection Paper 2 by Sarah Gladman

Paper Number 3:

Vintage Snow Collection Paper 3 by Sarah Gladman

Paper Number 4:

Vintage Snow Collection Paper 4 by Sarah Gladman

PLEASE remember to credit these papers in any Digi scrapping layouts and also in any publications you may be awarded. If we all do the right thing then there will be more of these yummy pages coming your way!

Take care,

Sares xx

One Response

  1. Hi Sares

    Thanks for popping over to Scrapchat. Hope you didnt mind me putting up your link. I just fell in love with your papers! Love all the tips you have as well.
    As someone who hasnt been scrapping for very long I am sure I will be visiting often.


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