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A big thankyou to Ali and Ang from Embellished for sending me the Ali Edwards book “Life Artist”. I have been so inspired by her fabulous work but also just by the way she makes everything seem so right, so normal. There is no page in the book that I didn’t read, and it became more of a manifesto for life in general, not just scrapping. So thanks girls – I really do appreciate it!


The girls and I had a fun scrapping day on Saturday, which was a great chance to catch up “post Chrissy” and also to sit and natter about stuff in general. I made a clear acetate book using just¬†the packaging from my scrapping supplies – you know that hard plastic that Heidi Swapp uses? I’ve just cut it up and punched some holes in for the ring binders. I’ll take a photo shortly and upload it!

In the meantime, I have added a few more tips and techniques to my left hand links for you to try out – this week, why don’t you get in to some Stamping with Bleach? It creates a fabulous Batik effect on your fabric.

Here are some Lo’s that have been created this week for you to have a look at – the first one was done using the Christmas decorations from “The Vast INterior” furniture shop. I was walking around it the other day and I thought – hey! those things are 12 x 12! hmmmmm…….


The next LO was done using my new challenge on Embellished as my inspiration. This challenge is called “The Classifieds” and it involves getting inspiration from various advertisements that I have found that stimulate my creative funny bone.

So here is the LO and the original ad so that you can see what I have been tickled by:


The next LO is my newest technique practice for the week – using sheer fabric over your base cardstock to create a fabulous, rich background.

I was faffing through Spotlight when this fabric caught my eye. It was $12.95 a metre, but I only needed 35cms worth in order to wrap around the outer edges of the cardstock. I fixed it down with some spray adhesive, then sewed a border around the edges.


So there’s a few techniques for you to try this week – and there’s plenty more to come! I have about 10 projects lined up in my studio at the moment, argh!

And stick around toward the end of the week – I can feel a photo share coming on.

Take care for now,

Sares xx

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  1. Hi Sares, gee your work is an inspiration to me!

    I LOVE that Ali Edwards book too – I am not overly into her style of work but her ideas and train of thoughts are just so fabulous! Really leaves you with a lot to think about!


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