Apologies in advance…

…to all of you who log in to my Blog regularly and keep finding it a different design. I have been patiently trying to teach myself how to develop a new skin for this Blog so that it will stay one way permanently – BUT – it is a steep learning curve to go from html to CSS and I have only just scratched the surface. Argh!

My stepson is a whiz at this sort of thing and he could probably sit down and press one button and it would be done, dammitt.

So the week so far has been a cross between lazy and frenetic. One minute we find ourselves loooking at the clock and realising we’ve been stuck in the same position on the couch for – oh, about 15 mintues (in our house, that’s a record with four kids let me tell ya). The next thing we are outside at 9pm pruning roses (OK, that was just me) and hanging out the washing, cleaning the floor, dismantling the Chrissy tree etc etc and all manner of odd jobs. That all tells me that we are either stupid (likely) or tipsy (more likely).

Ready for a share? I think I’ve got my mojo back. It’s been absent for a while. Then I went to spotlight this afternoon and wandered through the fabric department. Wait until you see what I am doing NOW. I’m excited! Eat your heart out, Queen and Co, is all I have to say as a hint.

I am also working on Petrina’s LO that I promised – nearly done P!

So are you ready for a share of this week’s LO’s?

simply-perfect.jpg    cape-shanck.jpg 


Our Dare on the site this week from Ali has been to use a colour combo that you wouldn’t normally touch. Mine is orange. Blurgh. I can never seem to use in a LO well. It always feels like it needs a “summer” theme. BUT – I think I have found my magic balance – a little bit of orange (like red) goes a long way. So in this LO (above) I used it to highlight the photo. The butterfly shot was taken at Melbourne Zoo last week. Gorgeous place! And did I say how much I love my camera?

Love to all for now and take care on those roads,

Sares xx


2 Responses

  1. Looks like you are having no trouble at all making orange work for you! (As if you wouldn’t!!) Good luck with working on your skin – I thought about doing that for a microsecond and saw sense. Can’t wait to see what are doing with my photos!
    Cheers, P

  2. Love these lo’s! SO inspiring!
    Have an awesome week;-)

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