If I ever need to boost my numbers on this site again I know what to do – offer up another LO!

LOL – I normally get about 15 hits a day on my Blog – today I had 81. I wonder why? 😉 Ah, it’s good for the old bruised ego.

I didn’t win the Masters but I did manage to get myself on to the Honourable Mentions list twice – for my Single and Double LO’s and my Mini Album. Oh well, there’s always next year, isn’t there?

So congrats go to PETRINA, for being the first in upon my offer of scrapping one of your own photos. Well done Petrina! I have sent you an email, so I wait with baited breath to see the photo that you are going to send me. Please be gentle with me! lol

I am off to Melbourne in the morning but I have Internet access where I am staying, so I will check in when I get a chance to say hello. Thanks everyone who left a comment – I really appreciate it when you do that!

Ta ta for now – and if anyone is travelling on the roads these holidays, please take care and stay safe!


Sares xx

2 Responses

  1. Have a great Christmas Sares… Drive safely!

  2. Dang – I missed out!!!!! I know exactly how you feel about scrapping the same old photos! Huge (((hugs))) for you and yours for the Silly Season!

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