Nearly time!

We have only a few more days until we pack up and leave for Melbourne. We will be gone for about 8 days so if anyone wants me they’ll have to wait, I’m afraid! lol – I have also checked out every scrap shop between here and Melbourne – I’ll stop if DH will let me!

To be quite honest I have hardly touched the scrapping table all week because of the pre Chrissy rush. Saturday Luke’s Birthday party. Sunday Chrissy lunch with extended family in Sydney. Monday packing/shopping and then taught a class. Tuesday packing/wrapping and hairdresser’s. Wednesday wrapping and out for dinner. Thursday packing and Friday we are off.

I have instead concentrated my efforts on the usual stuff – writing Chrissy cards, cleaning the house, doing laundry. Sometimes these mundane things seem to bring us down to planet earth for a while and stop the merry go round.

On that note, I’ll show you a few photos that stopped me in my tracks after a storm the other day.

rainbow    sky1  I reckon this one looks like the earth seen from space!

pink rose     dd rose

sunset1     sunset2

So, what’s been happening on the site?? We always notice a bit of a slow down due to the silly season but the BEST news is that we are in the face of a NEW and very exciting change for the Embellished site – the entire site is having more than a little spring cleaning – it is having a FAB new look, a fresh new change and a new direction. There will be changes to the Team, as well as changes to the way the Forum runs, the works!! I’ve had a sticky at the new site and it looks awesome – Ali and Glenn have put a lot of miles on it.

January 1st is the big day, so get ready people. A new year and a new site all in one day!

My tip for this week has also been popluar around the bazaars so feel free to have a look in the right hand side Tips Lessons for my latest addition – using your empty letter templates to create a background for your LO!

If I don’t get a chance to post before friday, then everyone please have a WONDERFUL Christmas day, and a safe and happy New Year!

Take care,

Sares xx

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