Preparing for the Silly Season…

I have my list and I’ve checked it twice……What was that honey? We need WHAT from the shops? Loo paper? How can we possible have gone through twelve rolls of loo paper in 4 days? What do you mean it’s because there’s men in the house! Half the time I can’t even get the boys to USE loo paper!

Luke, do you have your school hat? Homework? What’s that brown smear on my bedroom floor? Where’s the windex? I have to wipe the fingerprints off the Plasma before your father gets home, that’s why! Luke! School hat! Ryan would you PLEASE stop being a Powerranger for just ONE SECOND and get off the couch and pick up those toys. Pick up of MORE than one toy please. Yes, I know what the Pokemons say to each other when it’s time to fight. OK, you’d better tell me one more time because you’re not going to leave me alone, are you?

Has anyone seen my Aquarelle pencils, I need them for class tonight! Hannah! These pencils are NOT to be used to draw on the walls, ok? You use your crayons for that…..what the hell am I saying! DON’T DRAW ON THE WALLS!

James could you please put your pants on for the fiftieth time today. James! PANTS ON! No, I am not going to help you put them on, you are perfectly capable of putting on a pair of pants all by yourself. You do it at Kindy so you can do it at home………….Oh, just give me the darn pants! One leg……..other leg. Other leg. James! OTHER LEG! Stop kissing me on the ear and saying I love you mum! Oh. I love you too, sweetie, now put your pants on.

Where has the Target catalogue gone? Mummy need it, that’s why! [Sigh] Because Daddy needs some help choosing mummy’s Christmas present because after 12 years together he finds it hard to know what to get. No I am not frowning when I say that! No I am NOT angry with daddy! (even though I bought his present ages ago without ANY help not to much as a daggy Target catalogue). Hmph!

Just wait inside while I go and get Luke from the bus stop. No, you can’t come too. Because I said so! It’s raining and it takes half an hour to put your shoes on. Just because it’s stopped raining doesn’t mean it’s all dry outside. Oh, just get me your shoes.

James, don’t go on the road. James! Stand here with mummy please! Yes, that is a nice rock. No, Ryan, please don’t put it up your nose like you did at Kindy. Because I said so, that’s why! Yes, I know what the Pokemon said to each other before they fight. Oh, go ahead and tell me again anyway. Yes, that is a nice rock, James. Is that the bus? Please tell me that’s the bus! Oh James! I TOLD you it was wet outside. WHY did you have to sit in that puddle? Yes, I know it’s cold, but I can’t change you right now, can I? You shouldn’t have sat in that puddle in the first place! Oh, just give me your pants.


Well, I feel much better now after writing all that down. That only gets us to 3pm, mind you. It also explains why when the bus pulled up I had Ryan standing on one side of me with a pebble up his nose and james on the other side of me flashing the passing cars with his bits because he had no pants on. Again.

It also explains why I don’t get much scrapping during the day! lol

But in case you are starved for some examples, here they are:

Beach Bum

Far East

Xmas centrepiece

Love to all for now,

Sares xx


3 Responses

  1. sares I want to see a pokemon LO , Hannah’s wall art, James at the bus stop – oh, gotta have the pebble nose too & i KNOW you can do something with that Target catalogue on a LO…welcome to the silly season ;o)

  2. Oh Sares you poor darling – I feel for you. Kids are delightful – say it a few hundred times and you may start believing it even at the “darkest” of times. Think of me – school hols start tomorrow and I have K up here and Daddy off on hols to add to the mix *sigh*. Do they call this the silly season, or the season where mum rips her hair out?

  3. LOL Sares – Just remember to breathe!!

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