Promises and Panic

For those of you reading this in Australia – I AM SOOOOO OVER THE ELECTION! I am sitting in my studio in protest because DH is watching the election coverage MINUTE by MINUTE and it is boring me to tears.

Election Promises that I think need to be fulfilled:

1. All women’s crafts to be subsidised by the government as a “Neccessary Sanity Breaker”.

2. Scrapbooking Materials Tax to be reduced to 0%. With no GST added either.

Other minor things like Interest rates, Global Warming and Workplace Agreements can be sorted out in the future. Scrapbooking if FAR more important! ūüėČ

We have had another dreary day today, weather wise, but it is still quite warm so I let the kiddos outside to play and gave Hannah and James the hose to “Water the Garden”. Well, I don’t know how much actually got on the Garden. Most of it was on their clothes by the time they came inside, lol.


I think the highlight was when James stuck his finger in the hose while Hannah’s face was over it and managed to squirt everything up her left nostril.

Some quickie things to share with you at the moment re: scrapping – I have been asked to do another product feature by SM – this one for their “Techniques for 2008” section. I believe it’s going to be pubbed fairly early on in the new year.

I have also had a few other LO’s picked up for publication – which is always flattering and inspiring. And I have been busy doing my Tips and Techniques as always – this week I have challenged everyone to use some “Hand Drawn Shapes” as part of the frame around a photo – check out the Tips listed on the right hand side of this page to find out how! In the meantime, these are the LO’s that I created as samples for this technique:

Pout   Infinity

I have continued to prowl around Facebook as I have been in contact with a whole lotta people that I went to school with – NEARLY 20 years ago now! Phew! It does feel like that long ago.

There have been a few technical glitches on Embellished this week, but never fear, everything will¬† be AOK soon enough. Ali and Glenn are in the process of revamping the look of the entire site – watch out for the new look in the New Year! – but all that hard work comes at a price – lots of time on the ‘puter plus a few moments of panic, but all will be revealed soon enough.

Got you interested?


Take care all,

Sares xx

PS: Here are some other LO’s that I have put together this week…

Where to    Reversible

3 Responses

  1. LOL Sares, I think you should run!!!

    cute pics of the kids, mine are the same with water, just got them some water guns for when it heats up again!!

    Oh and I LOVE the LOs!

  2. LOL Sares – if only they’d subsidise it hey!!
    Gorgeous pix of the kiddo’s – why is it kids always enjoy the messiest pasttimes lol.


  3. Hey Sares
    If only they would subsidise it….lol….we could only dream hehe.
    Love your LO’s…I really like your style!
    The pics of your kids are just adorable.
    Take care

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