Damn you Facebook!

I am addicted and it’s all my own fault. I discovered Facebook.

Need I say more?

I put it off for a long time because I was out of contact with my family for such a long time – now we are back in tentative contact again and this seems to be the way to keep in touch with everyone these days. It’s answered a lot of questions for me actually. There are some students that you teach that really get under your skin and I’ve been able to see what a few of them have been up to since I left their school. I really do like to see my “kids” doing well, being happy and having a good life.

It’s funny that I have not looked up anyone that I went to school with myself. Maybe we’re just a bunch of old farts who couldn’t care less about each other! LOL

Well, speaking of being an old fart, guess who turns 35 on Monday? Moi.

I don’t know why, but I am having a bit of trouble with turning 35. That’s a bit too close to 40. I should be an ADULT now, right? I should be mature and know everything about life and banking and trivia and music and all that sort of stuff. Instead I realise that I know squat! I have had my head in the kid’s sandpit for 7 years and I am only just emerging and realising how many people have been having marvellous lives without me.

So this week I am a bit “over” everything. A bit over being a parent. A bit over being a wife. A bit over being a scrapbooker. A bit over people in general. I’ll get over it. But I wish it was quick!

So, scrapping wise, there are a few things to share with you all this week. I have finished the first Product Challenge for Scrapbooking Memories, and now I have been asked to complete another one. It’s nice to be asked. But I wonder if they are asking me because I didn’t make the Master’s List and yet they still want my work in the mag? Do I care about the Masters? YEP. I have to admit that I do. Will it make me a better scrapper? NOPE. But I still want it. I don’t think I’ve won it, but there are a few weeks left before the mag issue comes out and I can still hope. I just have to accept that it is only a competition, and that, outside of scrapbooking, NO-ONE will have even heard of the Masters. That puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

So this week’s tip was about using acetate to create your own, custom acetate frames to overlay your photos with. Here are some examples:

Tip One Tip Two

And here are some Lo’s that I can share with you this week:

“A Moment in Time” – took the kiddos to a park to take some pics of them under the Jacaranda trees.

Moment in Time

“Always and Forever”

Always and Forever

“Take Five”

Take Five

“Live for Today – Friday Night Live at Embellished”

Live for Today

“You are so Beautiful”

You are so Beautiful

“Being a Mother”

Being a Mother

“Family” Week 16 Tips and Techniques Lesson

Family Letter Tip

and my fave for this week –



So, for a not so busy week, it certainly looks like I’ve done some stuff, hasn’t it? LOL

You all have a fabulous weekend and I’ll catch up with you either on Facebook or on Embellished or in Cyberspace somewhere!


Sares xx



5 Responses

  1. Sarah….you CONTINUALLY are a source of such inspiration for me! I really do enjoy visiting your blog – I love too see your art develop and it amazes me how much you produce to such a high standard!!!! Keep it going girl!
    Having a giggle at you turning 35!!!! What a baby you are – now…I hope you respect your elders!!!!! **snicker**

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Sares, you have a fab day wont you!!

    I love your Los, gorgeous, SM are asking you cause you have such great talent!

    Oh and yep, I get on face book, and fid it hard to get off!

  3. Hiya sares, first up wanting to wish you a happy birthday for tomorrow. At 35 you are still a spring chicken, lol, wait till you get to my age (38) that is a lot closer to 40 – I can tell you!!!!!!!
    Your layouts are stunning and no wonder SM wants to show them off, you are the queen of creativity and even if you don’t become a SM Master – it does not mean a thing in the long run – it is who ever is judging at the moment and their taste who make the decision, nothing to do with how good you are, just different tastes. For what it is worth, you are a Master in my book, now and always! Thanks for always inspiring me Sares, I hope you had a great weekend and a great day tomorrow!!

  4. Hi Sares!!

    Am lovin’ your work (as always)!! Good luck with Masters, although you don’t need it – there are already so many people who are in love with your style.

    I still haven’t joined up with Facebook…. I don’t know if I can resist for too much longer…. LOL!


  5. Hi Sares
    I finally found your blog chick!! So love your style. Good luck with the Masters….I don’t think you need it though….lol.
    I have Facebook to but haven’t had the time to sit and play yet. Your LO’s are all awesome….and a big happy birthday to you.

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