Shattered a Scrappin’ Bone..

If there is such a thing as a Scrapping Bone then I’ve broken it this week! LOL – I sat down to do a few Lo’s and before you know it I had about 10 LO’s up my sleeve – HEY PRESTO!

I am still into trying to learn more about Adobe Photoshop (I am practising on 6.0 at the moment) and I have finally conquered layers and all the other nitty gritty bits. I managed to alter a photo of Hannah Banana that I took a few night ago when she was asleep (why are they always more gorgeous when they are asleep?) and this is the result:


I’ve posted it as the full sized version as the little one just doesn’t load quickly enough.

I visited the Penrith Paper Crafts Festival last weekend and I was able to pick up a few bargains – as well as meet some of the more familiar faces like Jen Hall, Sue Milne at Scraploot and others. I am going to tackle that acrylic album this weekend Sue!

Another LO that I have had swimming around in my noggin has been this one:


I have had a life long dream of being able to get to Egypt and saunter around the Pyramids at dawn. So, by outting it on this LO, that makes it a part of my “To Do List” LOL. I love the colours in the LO – especially the aqua blue against the orange. It just WORKS, somehow, you know?

And then I did this one, which was at the end of the scrapping week when I felt like getting messy. But there is less on this LO than you might think – it’s busy because of the background paper, which is Basic Grey that I have hand coloured.


That’s all from me for the next few days, I’ve got class tomorrow and a whole lotta things to get ready for – like FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE over at Embellished (just click on the link in my Blogroll to find out more about all the fun ) plus putting up my usual Tip tomorrow. I’ll be listing some ways that you can achieve a “Vintage/ Whimsy” look in your LO’s – and guess what the best part of that is?

You get to go shopping! lol

Take care all,

Sares xx

4 Responses

  1. Your work is so stunning and inspiring:-)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. It made my day:-)
    Have an awesome day.

  2. WOW sares, more stunning LOs from you!!!

    have fun with your Album from Sue, (I cant wait to see it up on your blog!) I had a load of fun doing mine, I wish I could have gone up to the show, so Im sitting back here a little jealous! 😉

  3. Sarah,
    You continually leave me completely speechless!!!!! Your work is just so incredible! I envy your talent! Keep it up girl!

  4. Gorgeous work there Sares!! Hannah Banana is getting SO big!!!Loving all your work and you are inspiring me to get back into the arty side of scrapping. Thanks Chooky
    Have agreat weekend
    Love Ali x x

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