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I think I am keeping Harvey Norman in business – well, the photo processing side of it anyway. I sorted some of my photos out today! PHEW! There were so many piles I had to climb over them in the end. How do you all store your photos? By year? By subject? By date?

I have come to the conclusion that, no matter how hard you try to organise your stuff, as soon as you sit down to use it (like, everyDAY) it all gets mucked up again and BANG there goes the organisation.

So I am going to become accustomed to my “organised chaos” and just scrap peacefully within it. At least I know where everything is! rofl

I have been happily creating away this week on a Project that I am doing for Scrapbooking Memories – they have asked me to be a part of a Product Challenge as a Feature for the mag. I was so excited at being asked! I had the project finished in about 2 days and believe me, it was worth every minute I spent on it – BUT – I can’t show you yet. Don’t scream! You’ll just have to wait until the mag issue comes out, which should be around February 08.

Some bits and pieces to share this week are:

Box1    Box2    box3

This is the Xmas Gift Box I made for this week’s “7 weeks until Christmas” challenge sample. I decided to go with a traditional approach as I plan on giving it to my son’s teacher and she’s a pretty conservative chicky babe.

Gwen     Hope

These are my two examples for my Tips and Techniques lesson this week. This week I have asked you to be conscious of the world around you for inspiration – specifically, I have asked you to go out and buy a magazine that has a front cover that appeals to you – NOT a scrapping mag – that’s too easy! lol

I found this mag with Gwen Stefani on the cover and the colours, shapes and Design really inspired to me to do the LO next to it – “If Hope Had Wings”.

Well, that’s all from me for the mo’ – I am going to go crash into bed and have a bit of a Bex and a lie down. Even though Mondays are “kid free” I often end up doing so much more that I would have done with them at home – go figure! lol

Take care all,

Sares xx

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    Hope you are well!!
    Loving your work…!!!!!!
    Have a great Day
    Ali x

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