Underworked and Overpaid…


I think I am about to be buried under a pile of unfinished projects and housework that may end up finishing me off. I am a creative person so I know these things go in swings and roundabouts but GEEZ! It’s either flood or drought around here with work.

I would not bore you with the details of what goes on in my day to day life but suffice to say that this week has been a bit out of the ordinary.

For starters – the weekend. It must have been one of the few weekends off we have had all year. Do we sit on our heinies and drink beer? No. We edged the garden with pavers, repotted the kumquat, fertilised the roses, invited the neighbours over for drinks and dinner, hung out 15 loads of washing and steam cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. Somewhere in there I managed to put together about 10 scrapbooking projects – some LO’s and some OTP’s for my DT stuff at Embellished plus my stuff for Acacia plus my stuff for the magazines plus my stuff for classes. Argh!

Oh, and let’s not forget the BEE SWARM which nearly finished me off on Tuesday (photos to follow and thank goodness for zoom lenses) and on Thursday we had a lovely night camped out on a street corner up the road while there was a major GAS LEAK in the yard of the house next door. The excavators didn’t dial before they dug, evidently, and they busted a gaping hole in the gas mains. So 6:30pm saw us sitting outside in the freezing cold with no shoes on, no warm clothes and James pretending to drive the Police car and the Ambo. (Actually the kids had a ball). We were finally let inside at about 6:45pm and then I had to turn around ad head off to work. Pete, if you get to read this, a heartfelt THANKYOU for saving out butts with blankets and Maccas. You were a lifesaver!

I’ll put some photos up tomorrow but right now I need to eat chocolate and lots of it.

 I’m going to have a quick blog surf and then I am going to hit the couch with my big fat patoot and have a cuppa. If anyone asks me for anything, I’ve CHANGED MY NAME. I no longer answer to “MumcanIhavesomethingtoeat” or “HuncanIgetyoutogivemeahandouthere”. Variations on those names are also not going to be answered, such as: “MUMI’mthirsty” and “MumcanIfillupmyjuicebottle?” and “MumI’vehadanaccident”.

Good night all – I’ll probably post again during the week when I am less likely to throw this computer out the window.

Yours in stress,

Sares xx


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  1. My goodness Sares – you guys have been having “fun” haven’t you? I’ve been feeling tired and I haven’t done HALF of what you’ve been doing. Hope your week improves, and you get to have some “me” time


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