From Break to Broke

Now that I have returned from me short break, there is no money left for anything but the essentials! lol

The kids are at home from school this week – the school holidays have started and we are frantically trying to run around trying things to keep them amused. Some cool things we have done so far have been:

* Making Gingerbread Men cookies – there is a whole pack you can get from the supermarket in the cakes aisle which gives you everything you need to make these delicious coolies – even the cutter!

* Painting T-Shirts – we went to Vinnies and got some cheap tees for the kids to paint on they cost about 50cents each and I just put some cardboard in between the back and the front so they could paint away like mad. They’ve been wearing them ever since! lol

*Growing some Snow Pea sprouts – these things just get put in a container with some cotton wool and lots of water and left on the kitchen bench and they grow almost IMMEDIATELY – the kiddos love watching them get bigger every morning when they come downstairs for breakfast.

* Sketchbooks – each kiddo has been given a sketchbook that has their name on the front and a stash of pencils. They have been encouraged to draw and write what they see and do on their holidays – even if it is something as simple as going outside to play in the garden.

*Scrapbooking – Yes! Kiddo scrapping, of course.

Of course, not every day is spent doing all these activities – yesterday I taught a class in the morning and the kids spent the day mucking about in the rumpus room getting periodically yelled at by their dad to do some “tidying up!”. God only knows what that means in the minds of a 7,5,4 and 1 year old – lol. Well actually it means that you wade into the sea of crap on the floor of the rumpus room, pick up the most obvious and nearest part of a toy – in this case it was a single card from a Pictionary game set – and go and put it on the Kitchen bench. There! All tidy!

Scrapping this week has been splotchy – one minute 4 LO’s in one day and the next day nothing. There are wuite a few LO’s that I have done that I can’t show you yet as they have been done for Kits on Embellished, as well as Product Features for next month. I WILL say that if you are planning on getting the Kit you will not be disappointed – I have had a lovely time with it! Not to mention 4 single LO’s, one double and a mini book so far out of it.

Here’s a wee share for this week – this is the LO that I am happiest with:

King of My Heart

I have been using playing cards on my LO’s this week and I have used them as my Tips and Techniques Lesson number 10 – check out the link in the right hand side Blogroll for a check out of all the lessons in the Embellished Forum.

Well, today is going to be spent catching up on a whole heap of things around the house and hopefully some scrapping time can be fitted in there somewhere. Hope you are all having a great weekend, wherever you are in the world!

Take care,

Sares xx

One Response

  1. Hiya Sares – hope you had a peaceful time on your getaway and are feeling all refreshed now – some mummy timeout sounds like bliss to me.
    Great ways to keep the kiddo’s busy in the hols – love the t-shirt idea, very clever.
    Gorgeous work on your layout – that is one beautiful photo.

    chat soon
    Julie xx

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