Scrapping Machine!

I have been a one woman Scrapping MACHINE this week – I have knocked over approximately 20 LO’s in a fortnight! Why? you ask. Err….I would like to say I was IN THE ZONE, and that I was so incredibly inspired by LIFE and everyday matters, but the reality is that I was seriously pre-menstrual and if I didn’t excape to my scrapping hole then I would have killed someone. Or something. Heck, I could have shredded a pot plant with my bare teeth and been quite happy about it.

 So, what’s been up? Not a whole lot – I think the house has finally lost it’s battle with my “Hot and Cold” housework theory. We are going to have to look at getting some help around the house. Either that or we need to be happy to eat or meals off the floor while sitting in a pile of last week’s newspapers and an apple core from 2005.

Maybe that explains why there is always a line of ants in my house? Hannah has taken to “stashing ” her food in unusual places – you know, the “Oh my goodness, I may need to have a snack hidden in the stereo speaker in case I get the musical munchies one day” kind of places. This morning I found a toothbrush and a half eaten Jatz stuffed up the butt of a Possum hand puppet. Don’t ask. I’m sure the possum wasn’t too happy about it.

Time for a scrap share?? I’m not going to bore you with all of the Lo’s that I have done this week, just some of the more special ones.

This one is called “1, 2, Buckle My Shoe” and it has my fave photo for this month in it. Hannah just looks like a doll and I finally got to use my Paua shell chips from NZ.

Buckle my Shoe

This one is using the new WeRMK papers called “Metallic Elements” and I al quite happy with it. I have been inspired by the children’s book writer and illustrator Jeannie Baker, who creates beautiful scenery with collage and found objects. So I cut out some of the base cardstock and used it like a window template and then created the scene outside the window using collage and paper piecing.

Enchanted Place

And these two are for my friend Deb who has had a crap month and deserved some sunshine in her life right now. These are her pics from Vietnam (love the ones of the Junks) and I have tried to do them justice. Thanks for letting me have a play with them Debs!

Vietnam left  Vietnam right

That’s all for my share for now and I hope everyone and everything is going well for you all. I will hopefully be able to share a few more pics with you from my new camera lens soon!

Take care all,

Sares xx

Hannah edit2


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  1. I had to come here and get my fix of your wonderful work! As usuall your layouts are outstanding Sares and I am missing them. Keep up the good work!

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