Might as well Jump!

I don’t mean Jump as in the “top yourself” kind of “jump off a bridge” jump, I mean the “Why the heck not, just go on and do it for Pete’s sake!” kind of Jump….

I’ve been catching myself scrapping for the mags again and I have to stop because the whole process feels quite mechanical when I do that – like I’m just churning them out with no passion.

It’s like anything, I guess, isn’t it? I mean, if you do something with passion, it’s always going to give you a spiritual lift. And I don’t just mean THAT kind of passion, people, LOL – I mean the passion for life, the passion for Romance, the passion for excess of love and living and happiness.

On a LO I completed this week I have used one of my favourite quotes by an artist called Georgia O’Keefe:

“I’ve been terrified every single moment of my life and I’ve never let it stop me from doing what I wanted to do…….”

That quote describes me in a nutshell – half terrified and half adventurous…..always willing to jump off that bridge or act like a crazy woman, but underneath it terrified that I am going to kill myself in the process.Is that what they call an adrenaline junkie? I think I’m just a drama junkie. I seem to thrive on the stuff lol.

So that brings me to my approach to scrapping this week, and I am pretty happy with the way that it has all turned out. I’ve been scrapping like a mad woman (some of which I can’t show you yet – sorry!) and these are some of the LO’s I have produced this week:

Jump   Imagine   Concentrate   Family   This Life

See how different they all are? I guess they have one thing in common – lots of layers and heaps of detail.

ON another note, I just uploaded some new Tips for you this week – I have finished writing the explanation and instructions for the Patchwork Tip and I have also included a new Tips and Techniques Freebie – using WINGS on your LO’s.

I have even included a wings template! Lots of different shaped wings – quite different to the Hambly or 7 Gypsies versions.

So go have a play, girls, and message me if you get a chance, ok?

Oh! and I forgot to mention that you can catch my LO from the Scrapbook Creations Colour Competition in this month’s issue of the magazine – page number 34. But in case you are like many others and can’t quite see the picture clearly, then here it is full size:

Under the Sunset

You can also catch two of my LO’s in this month’s issue of Scrapbooking Memories. In the Vintage section and the Final Encore section.

Vintage     Spark

Take care all,

Sares xx


One Response

  1. Hi Sares,
    Your work is so stunning and i always feel like it has soul!! Man i wish i was closer to you !! Next trip home i am definately stopping by to say hi!!
    Thankyou for being a constant source of inspiration to me and everyone!!
    Ali x

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