Round 7 of Idol and TKO at home…

I think I know what the latest form of torture could be – it would to grab a man (any man) and have him do countless hours of housework followed by a tribe of small children willing to undo it all behind you.

So far this week I have cleaned the toilet floor three times (don’t ask), mopped the laundry walls, pulled about a ton of hair out of the vacuum cleaner, washed the hermit crabs, and gumptioned the stair rails. Such is my life and on Mondays I am quite “gung ho” about it, but by Wednesday if I see another frickin mop, broom or sponge again I’ll throw them at someone. Meaning the dog. Or the cat.

So I am suffering what I call a “TKO” (Technical Knock Out) at home – as I write this I am sagged in front of the computer and managing to plunk out each letter with my right hand while drinking a stiff cup of coffee with my left. If any one tells me that those biccies that I am eating are fattening I am going to scream.

Moving on to more interesting things…Round 7 of Idol was put up today and once again the Embellished girls are asked to put together their brain cells and think of something a little “outside the square”.

This round the girls have been asked to use leftover product packaging within their LO’s.

To view the Forum for the Round 7 Discussion, click [URL=]HERE[/URL]

If you want to view the Gallery for the Lo’s the girls have created, click[URL=]HERE[/URL]

Some other news is that my LO has been pubbed in Scrapbook Creations – the one that won the Colour Competition back in June. That same issue has got a heap of Embellished girls in it, but most notable is Julie Heard who has done a fabulous tutorial on painting techniques for the mag, plus has a heap of other fabbo LO’s throughout the mag. I’ve been saying it for a while now, but it’s HER YEAR for the Masters, I reckon.

Another Tip and Technique has gone up in the right hand side menu – this one is about creating a Patchwork effect in your LO by using scraps and adding some texture with tearing and ink. Make sure you have a go at it and see how easy it can be to add dimension to a LO….
That’s all from me for now except to show you some new LO’s that I have produced over the past few days,
Take care girls,
Sares xx

this-life-elsie-chall.jpg   The Wig


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  1. congratulations on the SC colour comp LO!!!

    love the LOs too

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