My New Toy!

My new baby is a Canon 90 – 300mm lens – that is, a ZOOM lens that allows me to focus on things that are fairly far away – I had a play with it at the beach yesterday and I had a lovely time happy snapping away….lol

Here are some of the photos from yesterday – I must admit that I impressed myself….lol. What I mean is, it’s very hard to take a bad photo with that camera and lens combo – it’s awesome!

New lens edit1   new lens edit2   new lens edit4   new lens edit5   new lens edit6   new lens edit7   new lens edit8   new lens edit9

Anyway, once you’ve had a look at the pics, I have added another Tip to the ever growing page on the right hand side of my Blog – this one is about stamping onto various surfaces. See if you get a chance to have a go and push your stamping to the next level…

Take care everyone,

Sares xx


One Response

  1. I know the feeling!! I love playing with my new lens and camera too. Sometimes I feel like some sort of paparazzi guy hiding in the bushes taking pics of my kids but it is just so much fun!

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