Freebie Sketch for the Week!

Just felt like throwing together a sketch this morning – so here you are girls!

Sketch for Blog(Just hold your mouse over it for a Snap Preview or click to enlarge it)..

I’d love you to have a play with it if your are feeling a bit “Mojo-less” –  there are a few of those days, aren’t there?

What’s up for us today? Well, I’m just about to head off to the Beach to test out my new lens for my camera – DH got me a new Telephoto lens for my Canon and I am itching to give it a go! Thank you so much hunny, I love it. What’s more, I love it because you thought of it all by yourself. Happy Anniversary darling.

I have to say a belated Congratulations to my friend Nene who recently had her second baby, a little boy. He’s gorgeous!!! They came over for a visit yesterday and I had a good long cuddle – gosh, don’t you forget how small they are?? And, of course, I had a play with the camera – how can you not take photos with such an adorable bundle as a subject?

Parker1   Parker2


Have a great weekend girls, wherever you are in the world – a special GUDDAY to all the girls from Moments to Remember who have the site up and running again this week (WOOHOO!!) and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Robin, the owner of the site. Happy Birthday Chook!

Peace to all and take care,

Sares xx

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