Well, it’s no secret that I was destined to have a crap Thursday and it was.

We put Meg down at the Vet’s and then I went and got her this morning and buried her in the Garden. For anyone else in the same predicament, the RSPCA have put out a nice rose called “Best Friend” which is meant to mark the place where you buried your pet. I think it’s a nice tribute.

Moving on….this week we have started the next round of Idol, which is the Hybrid Digi round. I must admit to getting quite addicted to the Digi version of scrapping – I always seem to drag my feet a bit when it comes to going back to the traditional paper version! However, I did get in there today and did this LO for the 7th Tips and Techniques Lesson:

Gypsy Tribe

This week’s Tip is about how to create a Patchwork effect on your page using scraps of paper and a bit of fiddling with ink. I admit that I would like to be stuck in the 70’s and would like to be discovered as some aging Rocker’s love child – some cool rocker, like Mick Jagger, not like John Paul Young, for Pete’s sake!

I also had this LO picked up by Scrapbooking Memories for their “Freestyle Gallery” coming up soon:


and the Lo’s that I did for the Colour Comp will be in the next issue of Scrapbooking Creations – looking forward to seeing that one! David is now peeking into the mags before I get them, the bugger.

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary – 7 years of Bliss married to my DH – NOT! LOL – who has that? We have had 7 years of love, laughter, fighting, sleepless nights, children puking, fillet steak and forgotten birthdays – and we are still together. Now THAT’s a marriage! If you get a chance to read this, darl, then I love you, and I hope we can spend many more years together and our home life will get easier as the kids get older. One day we’ll be able to go on a decent holiday too. That’s a promise.

Here is my DH in the pool with my two eldest – gotta love that man….

David in Pool

Ciao for now everyone – off to do some more chatting in the FNL Challenges for this week!

Sares xx

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  1. Sares….Read my latest Blog entry!!!!

    Come Home!!!!! lol


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