Volume 9 and Volumiser


Well, I have to say that having your hair cut from a relatively long length (well, long enough to put in a ponytail) to just under the ears was a bit of a shock at first, but I am liking it!

I am still getting used to the fact that when I run my hand through my hair it sort of runs out of hair and slips and fangs through it and out the back of my head at great speed. I also get the most spectacular bed head – this morning I looked like a cross between a bear coming out of hibernation and Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Carribbean – except I had definitely lost most of my swashbuckling.

So I tried to blow dry it the other day and I put so much Volumiser in it that the stuff was just about standing on end. And my poor old hairbrush just couldn’t cope and gave up after about half an hour of me grunting and groaning in front of the mirror.

On a brighter scrapping note, I was published in Volume 9 number1 of Scrapbooking Memories with a double page spread on my Beyond the Page “Family Box”. I have bought the magazine so many times for family members and friends overseas that I think I am keeping Universal in business – not to mention Oz Post. Still and all, it was lovely to see it finally, as I’ve been talking it up for what seems like an eternity now.

I also had a few more picked up by SM – my “Peace”, “Wild Things” and “One Look at You” layouts were all accepted for publication. I have to credit their success to a dear friend from the USA, Debs, who sent me a magazine called “Somerset Memories”. It’s almost like a light was switched on in my head, the work in those mags suited me perfectly – and I have been using them as inspiration ever since they arrived – they are looking very definitely dog eared! lol

So with that in mind I have put up a few more Tips this week – more about experimenting with paint and playing with layers and collage. I think I have been working towards that effect for some time now – there has always been an element of collage in my work (and a flourish or two! lol)

So take care everyone, and I hope that your scrapping reaches new heights this week. Stay away from the Volumiser – unless you are using on your hubby – but be prepared for the consequences of spraying that stuff on him – if something “stays up” longer than it needs to you certainly WILL get bedhead – if you know what I mean….{{wink wink}}

Love Sares xx

Girly Girl


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