Contracts and Convexing…

I have been up to me eye teeth in work for Scrapbook Creations this week – I have been fulfilling the Contract I won with them through their Colour Competition. I managed to create three LO’s in record time (not that I needed to) but I work best under pressure, it seems!

So I am going to put them up here for a  VERY short time, just to give you a sneak peek, and then they will go off into the realms of magazine space.

The first LO is called “Laugh” and I had it finished quite quickly, even though the colour scheme was a tough one. Whoever heard of combining red, teal and yellow? Sssshhhh….sorry, I shouldn’t have said that! LOL – Cosmo Cricket’s Wanted range was an excellent example of those three colours, so I used it! I have to thank Julie Heard for some inspiration for this LO – a long time ago she did some stars cut out of flowers and I have borrowed the idea from her – thanks again Julie!

Too late you missed me! Look out for me in SC Issue number 47.

The second LO is called “Centre of My Universe” and I’ll let you suss out what the colour combo was. This was the first one I did of the three. I just adore that photo of Luke.

Too late you missed me! Look out for me in SC Issue number 48.

The third LO is called “Pure” and I went quite Vintage for that one. Very ” silk wallpaper and florals.”

Too late you missed me! Look out for me in SC issue number 49.
Check out the right side banner for my Tips and Tecniques this week – Creating an Unusual Photo Matte!!!

What else is happening in my world? Just the usual sick kids and school holidays drama……One of my friends told me I should be helping her organise a joint soccer game for all of our combined toddlers from Kindy as well as taking them to the Zoo, Target for clothes shopping, the hairdressers, the Dentist’s and to top it all off, we should all fang down to Bunnings for a coffee afterwards.

What? Did she mean we should do all that stuff ON THE SAME DAY?


I spit on your field trips, do you hear me Kate? You are one suicidal chook – mind you, if you want to take my kids on a field trip like that I won’t complain. I’ll be the one sitting at home filing my nails and laughing hysterically at the thought of you trying to get 40 kids into the toilets and out of the clothes racks in Target. Have fun!

To everyone else this week, have a lovely school break and please take care on the roads – there are sooo many maniacal mums out there in 4WD’s taking their kids to Target and to the Zoo it isn’t funny!

Cheers for now,

Sares xx

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One Response

  1. Hey Sares.

    Ahh, I missed them, will be hanging out for the mags now.

    Hope your having a fab day


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